The Wolves of El Diablo

In The Guns of Santa Sangre, three 1800s gunfighters battled a ferocious pack of werewolves in Old Mexico. In the sequel, The Wolves of El Diablo, the three outlaws rob a Federale steam train in the badlands of El Diablo transporting a fortune in silver bars. But when a savage werewoman, hungry for revenge on the men who killed her brother, leads her bloodthirsty gang of wolfmen in an attack on the train, the outlaws find themselves trapped on a highballing railroad in the middle of the desert fighting fifty werewolves.

This time it’s bigger action, more lycanthropes, more silver bullets, and much more Werewolf Western thrills!



“In this blood-soaked weird west story (following The Guns of Santa Sangre), bad guys come with glowing red eyes instead of black hats, but they still go down in a hail of (silver) bullets. Red mixes up vengeful werewolves, roguish American outlaws, and Mexican peasant Pilar, whose love for gunman Tucker leads them to embark on a train robbery. Tucker and his buddies Fix and Bodie haven’t been paid for a previous werewolf encounter, so they plan to heist the silver shipment from the Salazar mine. Azul, sister to slain werewolf leader Mosca, wants them dead, and stolid Colonel Higuerra and his 60 federales are not letting the silver go without a fight. Red, a screenwriter as well as a novelist, places a premium on action (“Then the first of the three werewolves struck!”) over character or description. Readers will enjoy discovering the connection between Azul’s abandoned twin pups and the mysterious, hypermasculine Salazar brothers and appreciate the resolution of Tucker and Pilar’s story.”

— Publishers Weekly


“Red’s sequel to The Guns Of Santa Sangre depicts a supernatural West as it is rarely seen…Dark fantasy and horror enthusiasts will find this volume entertaining”

– Library Journal


“Readers of director-screenwriter Eric Red’s latest Western-horror novel will rediscover an Old West genre that is an international fan-favorite in print and film.”

– True West Magazine


“A wild ride that along with THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE revisits the Western genre and mixes it up with a traditional horror genre monster and somehow cooks up something that is fresh, exciting and exhilarating.”

– Starburst Magazine


“Bloody and brutal, THE WOLVES OF EL DIABLO and THE MEN WHO WALK LIKE WOLVES series will please those looking for an entertaining mix of horror and breakneck action…The fast-paced and thrilling action sequences will have readers holding their breath.”

– Ares Magazine


“THE WOLVES OF EL DIABLO is a well written, action packed, gore drenched, bullet ridden, runaway train of a tale.”

– Kendall Reviews


“Couldn’t put it down. The action is nonstop relentless . . . I can’t wait for the movie!”

— Jack Ketchum


“There’s a new gun in town and he takes no prisoners. Horror writer and director Eric Red has introduced me to a genre that up to now, I was unaware existed – yet it’s so logical and works so well, I’m stunned it took me this long to savour the delights of the horror/western crossover. Four years ago, Eric wrote his novel The Guns of Santa Sangre which brought back fond memories of The Magnificent Seven and Shane, where a beleaguered Mexican village hires three outlaw mercenaries to help them battle a gang of werewolves who have taken over. With that novel, Red wove a vivid tale of lycanthropes fighting against a trio of hardened shootists, armed with silver bullets fashioned from the cross of the local church. Now, we finally get to read what happens next, as the sequel, The Wolves of El Diablo is published. It takes place exactly one month after the events of the first book, meaning as the book starts – it is again the time of the full moon and The Men Who Walk Like Wolves are back in action with hatred in their hearts, fur on their skin and vengeance on their minds. They’re now led by a true demoness in Azul. A bewitching beauty who is out for revenge on the hombres who killed her brother at Santa Sangre. Yes, it has a familiar Fright Night 2 vibe, but that notion is quickly swept away as our three antiheroes attempt a classic Western train robbery where they hope to steal a fortune in silver. However – Azul and her gang of werewolves have their eyes not only on the same train, but also on tearing out a bloody revenge on Tucker, Fix and Brodie. What Eric Red has pulled off here is a wild ride that along with The Guns of Santa Sangre, revisits the Western genre with all its tropes and clichés mixes it up with a traditional horror genre monster and somehow cooks up something that is fresh, exciting and exhilarating. As with his previous book White Knuckle, this is a story that is howling to be adapted for the screen, and should be directed by Red himself. Next year brings the final book in the trilogy, The Claws of Rio Muerta, and I, for one can’t wait for the showdown. Starburst rating 8 stars.”

— Robin Pierce / Starburst Magazine

  • Series: The Men Who Walk Like Wolves (Book 2)
  • Hardcover: 280 pages
  • Publisher: Short, Scary Tales Publications (August 1, 2017)


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